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Johnny Manziel taking online courses…

The NCAA Heisman trophy winner will take 4 online courses, which means that he will need to be in a classroom only once a month. Texas A&M university Sports Management students can take up to 8 online courses, which accounts for only 19% of the credits required to graduate.

Jalen Rose, commenter on Number Don’t Lie, said, ”If one and done athlete did it?”

I agree with his comment. The majority of the one and done athletes are black. The media and sports fans would question:

  • Would another student be doing the student-athlete’s homework?
  • Would the student-athlete receive special treatment?
  • Wouldn’t the athlete be missing out on a big part of being a student by not interacting with other students?
  • And wouldn’t the athlete, in turn, be failing to develop important life skills by missing classes?

I believe it sets a bad precedent. The NCAA is trying to that show their priority is to educate and develop solid citizens. They are offering student-athletes an experience to help them transition from teenagers to adulthood by the time athletes leave the university.

The Texas A&M are trying to prevent their star athlete from being mobbed by fans asking him for autographs, and pictures. It sounds noble and is a smart move if you think of this situation from a business prospective. The university’s most important athlete or asset must be made as comfortable as possible in order to help Texas A&M make as much as money as possible.

This just confirms to me that the NCAA is a big business that will do whatever they need to do in order to maximize their profits. I don’t believe the NCAA does enough to educate, teach life skills and help these athletes in the transition from boys to men.

Am I being too cynical?

Enjoy your day!

Congratulation Raptors…

The Raptors have won 5 games in a row and now in the playoff hunt. The Raptors are only 3 games out of a playoff spot with 23 wins. Coach Casey is settling into a period where his team believes it can win every game.

They responded to a loss to the Grizzlies with a big win against the slumping Knicks last night.

The Philadelphia 76ers has 22 wins but have 3 less losses than the Raptors. They own the tie breaker if they tie the Raptors in the win column.

The Milwaukee Bucks are fading, didn’t trade Monta Ellis and only added J.J. Redick before the trading deadline. They have 26 wins.

The Atlanta Hawks presently have 30 wins. They didn’t trade Josh Smith before the trade deadline. The Hawks will make the playoffs.

The Magic number is 40 wins. The Raptors need to go 17 – 9 over the last 26 games to make the playoffs. I don’t believe they can do it. The Bucks need to be 14 – 15 in their last 29 games to get to 40 wins.

Andrew Bynum can also affect the Raptors playoff fortunes if he plays this year. The Sixers team need to 18 – 13 in their last 31 games to get to the 40 win mark.

I hope the Raptors good run continues. I still believe the Bucks are just far enough out of the Raptors reach to keep the last playoff spot. At least it will be an exciting finish to the season for Raptor fans.

Good job Coach Casey!

Bad Knicks trade…

Kenyon Martin joins the Knicks.

I believe they traded Ronnie Brewer for a second round pick and cash. The Knicks will miss Ronnie Brewer. Brewer is a,  6’7” player who can defend multiple positions and a good team player who doesn’t require a lot of shots.

The Knicks needed to make room for Martin.

The 4 Ex-Nuggets (Melo, Smith, Camby and Martin) will now be responsible to lead the Knicks deep into the playoffs.

Martin’s presence will give the Knicks an enforcer. He would’ve started a fight, knocked an opponent down or given some hard fouls in the blowout loss earlier this week against the Pacers.

There is a huge difference between the Knicks’ home and away records. They need to keep the second spot in the Eastern Conference in order to make any kind of run for an NBA title.

The Knicks will drop from 2 to maybe 5 by the time the playoffs start.

Do you think the Knicks will have a good playoff run?

Enjoy your second half of the season!

The Celtics made a smart trade…

They acquired Jordan Crawford from the Washington Wizard for an injured Leandro Barbosa and Jason Collins.

The Celtics can use Crawford’s scoring ability to help them in their playoff run. Sometimes the Celtics have a hard time scoring points. Crawford proves scoring off the bench. His career average is 13 points a game.

They are 4 games out of the division lead. It will be a battle until the end for who will win the Atlantic Division.

Neither the Knicks nor the Nets improved their teams.

Who will win the Atlantic Division?

Enjoy your second half of the season!


The Raptors’ latest trade…

The Raptors acquired Sebastian Telfair for Hamed Haddadi and 2014 second round pick.

Telfair gives the Raptors a 20 minute a game back-up point guard. Also, the Raptors get trade a player, Haddadi, who they weren’t going to use.

I like the fact that Bargnani wasn’t traded just because they wanted to get rid of him. Colangelo didn’t believe he got a fair value for Bargnani. The Raptors can wait until the summer to trade him.

Now, the organization has to hope that Bargnani plays well the rest of the season to increase his trade value.

Bad news for the Raptors. The Bucks and the Hawks didn’t trade Monta Ellis nor Josh Smith, which means their teams will be harder to catch for a playoff spot.

How do you view the Raptors’ trade deadline decisions?

Enjoy your second half of the season.

Rockets, Kings and Suns trade…

I think some NBA teams make trades for the sake of making trades.

The Houston Rockets get Thomas Robinson and a second round pick.

The Phoenix Suns get Marcus Morris.

The Sacramento Kings get Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich and Toney Douglas.

The Houston Rockets gave away two power forwards who are more versatile and taller than Thomas Robinson.

The Phoenix Suns believe that reuniting the Morris twins will lead the organization towards a better future. Marcus was picked 13th and Markieff 14th overall in the NBA Draft two years ago. The Morris twins couldn’t get their Kansas Jayhawks team a championship.

The Sacramento Kings will get some size and young players. Patrick Patterson was brought in to give DeMarcus Cousins a familiar face in the locker room. They played together at Kentucky University. Cole Aldrich is already on his third team in the NBA. Every team seems to want him but no one is giving him playing time. Toney Douglass is a bench player.

No clear cut winner–but if I had to chose one, it would be the Kings. Since Patterson and Cousins are friends, Patterson may help the moody franchise player (Cousins) be more consistent. Acquiring Aldrich, who will play center, will permit Cousins to play more minutes at his natural position as a power forward.

I hope there will be better trades to talk about.

Who do you think won this trade?

Enjoy your day!